Become a Partner

Grow your business as a 24 Linen Partner

Let’s work together! We help you develop your business by providing the tool to successfully approach and manage customers’ trending market segments such as Apart-hotels, AirBnb, villas, and guesthouses.

You can partner with us if:

  1. You are an Industrial Laundry Unit or a Textile Rental Center.
  2. You want to grow your business by adding small accommodation units, Aparthotels, AirBnb, villas, or guesthouses to your Customers’ Portfolio.
  3. You aim for better textile management in your business.
  4. Among your business, key targets are flexibility, scalability, efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Why Partner with 24 Linen?

  • Expand your business by unlocking access to customers from the Apart-hotels and Airbnb market segment.
  • Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction via 24/7 available linen self-service.
  • Drive down your logistics and human resources costs.
  • Increase your profit.
  • Use technology to fully control your business activity: track & trace, collections & deliveries, inventory counting, and more.
  • Optimize your processes.
  • Extend your linen lifetime and reduce waste.
  • Streamline your supply chain operations for a safer environment.