24 Linen – What it is and how it works

24 Linen is a complete intelligent solution based on a system consisting of software and hardware components, intended for companies (Laundry Units or Linen Rental Centers) that aim to serve small accommodation units (AirBnb, Aparthotels, villas, guesthouses) or units that require a small quantity of linen.

  • 24 Linen is based on a system made up of software and hardware components, becoming a complete solution, easy to implement, and used by both industrial laundry units / rental centers and their customers.
  • A fully equipped Local Distribution Unit (DU) is placed in the proximity of your clients’ locations. Your linen will be also equipped with RFID tags, giving you the possibility to identify and track them.
  • The DU has 3 dedicated spaces: one room for Clean linen – where you will store packages of linen to be picked up by your clients; one room for Soiled Items – where soiled linen handed over by your clients is stored until collected by your driver; and technical space.
  • Your clients will go to the DU, authenticate, and serve themselves with the number of clean linen items they need, by scanning and paying for their rental.
  • After a max period of 14 days, the clients will return the soiled items to the DU, in the same way (authentication and scanning), from where your drivers will collect the linen and bring them to be laundered.
  • The platform gives you all the reports you need, online, in real-time, regarding collections of soiled items, deliveries of clean items, inventory counts, and so on.


  • Because it is an engine for developing your business, allowing you to serve customers needing small quantities of linen, which you would otherwise have refused due to the costs involved.
  • Because it allows you to reduce logistics costs and protect the environment (fewer routes for linen collection/delivery, less fuel consumption, and fewer trucks and drivers needed).
  • You have complete control over the linen you rent, through a multitude of real-time online reports.
  • The return on investment is done in a short time.
  • You will provide your customers with a very convenient service, with 24/7 availability for them, at a competitive rate.
  • You will have a real-time overview of your activity.
  • It is a way to improve customer relations by easing communication, speeding up service provision, and digitization.

Get in touch with us! We will establish the number of  Distribution Unit (DU) needed, the implementation method, and the remaining stages until you can fully use this service.

Yes. To use 24 Linen, you do not need advanced IT&C or RFID knowledge. We will assist you and make sure you will be able to use our solution, through the training and assistance offered by our team.

The flexibility and versatility of 24 Linen allow a smooth transition from your current activity to a new one. We will assist you throughout the whole implementation process so you don’t need to worry.

Yes, you will also need:

  • RFID tags that will be attached to your linen. For details: www.kts-rfid.com / www.laundry-rfid-tags.com.
  • A place to position the Distribution Unit (DU) or a dedicated space in a building to replace the DU.
  • DC Electrical Connection and Internet Access / GSM signal.

We suggest it to be strategically positioned in the geographical area where your small accommodation units or customers with small quantities of linen to be washed are found. For example: in a mountain tourism area, where there are many villas, Apart-hotels, and guesthouses, or in a parking lot in an urban area with many Apart-hotels or AirBnbs.

Shortly, YES. The solution can also be implemented by replacing the standard Distribution Unit (DU) with a dedicated space in a building, yet we will have to work together with you on the technical solution. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

  • No. The scalability of 24 Linen allows you to install as many DUs (Distribution Unit) as you need in the geographical areas that you wish to expand your business to. We do not have a max limit for the DUs a customer of ours can run.
  • Also, the DUs can be easily relocated depending on your needs. For example, if your business is seasonal.

YES, of course.


  • Flexibility. Access from anywhere.
  • No worries about managing security and backups.
  • You don’t need to invest in expensive server-class hardware.

We are partnering with Microsoft regarding Cloud services and Datacenters.

Yes. Get in touch with us for specific requirements.

24 Linen is a SaaS software and it comes with standard reports.

When you try, purchase, use, or subscribe to 24 Linen, 24 Linen receives data from you and collects and generates data to provide the service (including improving, securing, and updating the service), conduct our business operations, and communicate with you. All this data collection, storage, and processing complies with the EU regulations regarding GDPR. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

There is no limit regarding the number of customers you can register into your 24 Linen account.

For as long as your data is hosted in Cloud, the 24 Linen account can’t be paused.


  • Yes, we could integrate already-owned RFID tags if they meet ISO 18000-6C RFID standards.
  • We recommend you use the 24 Linen complete solution, including the RFID tags so that the responsibility for the system’s functioning is not to be passed if malfunctions occur.

Contact our support team and we will take over.


  • The term in which a customer must return the linen to DU is of 14 days. Failure to comply with this term leads to the 24 Linen Application automatically applying penalties,
  • Penalties are weekly applied until the good is returned and will not surpass the value of the good.
  • Your clients can avoid penalties by checking the information regarding the return dates in their 24 Linen account.
  • No, this is not possible.
  • The DU is equipped with a security and reporting system for the detection of unauthorized picked-up linen. Your customers will be not reported by the security system if they leave the DU after receiving a confirmation message.

Yes, there are no restrictions regarding the authentication to multiple DUs.

Accessing the DU is allowed for one customer at a time.


Just as simple as accessing other applications. They will be provided with a username and password for access to the 24 Linen application.

No, 24 Linen works as a self-service solution for your customers. Your employees will have to make sure to supply the DU with the necessary clean items, collect the soiled items, and regular checkups of the DU (security, cleaning, etc).


Various real-time online reports regarding linen track&trace, inventory, and security, are available on the 24 Linen platform,  in multiple formats (.pdf, .xls, .csv).

Investments & Costs

The investments are made up of KTS RFID fixed/mobile devices, as well as Distribution Units or equipping your Distribution Location with KTS RFID Hardware. The investment volume is given by the technical solution agreed upon. For details, contact us.

  • The 24 Linen platform implies the payment of a monthly license fee, for which the amount varies according to the allocated Cloud space you need.
  • Contact us to receive a quotation for your business case.
  • The investments with KTS RFID Hardware Devices include the initial setup fees: upfront and one-time charges, Cloud activation and setup, and registration.
  • Travel expenses for installation and initial training onsite are borne by you.
  • If provided at our location in Brasov, initial training of one day for using 24 Linen is free of charge.

No. All costs are transparent and communicated before signing the Agreement.

Support & Maintenance

To get in contact with our support team, you can:

Yes. We provide training upon 24 Linen implementation. Our team will train you onsite into using the system from A to Z so you will be fully prepared to make the best out of the newly implemented solution.


Yes, 24 linen can be used for any type of textile items that are rented and maintained in industrial & commercial laundry units. For instance: cleaning mops & cloths, specific textiles for operation theatre, patient pajamas & gowns, working clothes, etc.

Yes, with the mention that the limited storage capacity of a Distribution Unit must be considered.

Yes, get in touch with us for more details.

  • Access to a stable Internet Connection / GSM signal is mandatory for 24 Linen to properly work.
  • A stable DC power connection is needed.